The Higher Education Research Group supports research and understanding about geography in Higher Education. We aim to be an inclusive and facilitative group promoting communities of pedagogic research and consequent research-informed practice. We are interested in three broad interconnected areas:

1) Pedagogic research and evidence-based practice

HERG supports geographers interested in contributing to the evidence base of how to effectively support geographical learning and how to teach geography well in higher education.

2) Reflective practice

It is widely accepted that reflective practice is an important element in good teaching. Evidence of reflective practice is encouraged, indeed required, by many of the teaching courses that early career geographers attend. It is also integral to the HEA’s professional accreditation of teaching through the UK Professional Standards Framework. HERG provides platforms for conversations about the value, the process, and the outcomes of reflective practice.

3) The Geographies of Higher Education

The group is interested in supporting geographical understanding of Higher Education itself. This includes understanding of the spaces in which Higher Education takes place and the place of Higher Education in society, the nation-state, and a globalised world.